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      Bois de cerf fendu - Taille XL-Easy

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      Size: 15 cms
      Average weight: 141 g

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      The XL-Easy form weighs 121 to 160 g, usually about ten centimeters in length.

      It is intended for small dogs.

      Perfectly matches the chewing needs of our 4-legged companions. 90% of dogs love it.

      Emits no odor.

      Natural product resulting from the annual fall of deer antlers only and not having undergone any chemical treatment.

      Poor in fats and sugars but very rich in calcium and phosphorus.

      Chewing on a deer antler can help your dog limit his overeating or deter him from possible damage to the home.

      Deer antler allows, by friction, to eliminate dental plaque on your dog's teeth.


      Data sheet

      51.7% cendres brutes, 38.1% protéines brutes, 9% humidité, 1% fibres, 0.2% graisses
      Analyse nutritionnelle
      Calcium 226g, Phosphore 106g, Zinc 7,7g, Sodium 5g, Potassium 4,4g
      Weight of your dog
      Up to 35 Kg
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      Bois de cerf fendu - Taille XL-Easy

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